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Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Upholstery Cleaning


Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Windsor

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Upholstery cleaning, like carpet cleaning, must be done with a certain amount of knowledge in order to prevent damage from occurring to the piece being cleaned. 

It involves a basic knowledge of chemistry in pertinence to fabric structure, and the reactivity of certain cleaning products have on certain materials. 

The biggest concern in upholstery cleaning is overwetting. Most upholstered furniture are made up of a blend of complex fibers from rayon (a wood pulp creation, woven into a fabric, to polyester, cotton and even silk. 

Browning and yellowing are very common when cleaning upholstery, if done incorrectly. Even worse, most furniture contains polyurethane padding which contains yellow dyes that can bleed through the fabric if the wrong chemical and too much water is used in the cleaning process. Sometimes, the foam within the cushion can actually have already deteriorated and react with the cleaning agent creating a very problematic situation that must be corrected immediately. 

Most people don't know just how dirty their upholstered furniture truly is, until we show them the soil we remove after the cleaning is done, The soiled water will often come out dark grey to blackish. 

In addition to this, dead skin cells, hair and other organic matter sits atop the furniture, potentially creating a seriously unsanitary space.

More often than not, people desire to simply replace the soiled furniture, as they are afraid it has been ruined. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

Not only can most furniture be salvaged, it's also not environmentally friendly to throw away furniture that will sit in a waste facility or dump for years and years to come. 

Croteau Cleaning Service can help restore worn out, dull and dirty furniture to as new condition. 

We always ensure we identify the fiber composition before cleaning, and make sure that wet cleaning is even viable option for the piece. Most of the time it is, but sometimes it is not.

Our Upholstery cleaning service in Windsor includes the following steps:

1. Fiber identification- before we can proceed to clean, we need to make sure its safe to clean.

2. Vacuum piece- we remove as much dry soil as possible to prepare the piece for cleaning. 

3. Pre-treatment- after testing the product of choice, we pre-treat the piece with the specialized cleaner.

4. Hand agitation- Using the appropriate brush (either synthetic brush or animal hair brush) we scrub the piece gently to loosen up the locked in soils and work the cleaner into the fabric.

5. Emulsifcation & extraction- an emulsifying, fabric stabiilizing agent is used to remove the soil while the water rinses the detergent off. It is important that the piece is cleaned from seam to seam, to prevent water rings and discoloration after cleaning. Extra dry strokes should be used to speed up dry time. 

6. Air mover set up- An air mover is set up if the fabric feels like it is taking longer to dry, to prevent any discoloration. 

7. Free fabric protection- All upholstery cleaning jobs come with free protection.

We always suggest calling a local professional when having your upholstery cleaned in Windsor. Furniture is not cheap to replace, and having it deep cleaned is only a fraction of the cost of replacement!

Don't let dirty cushions prevent you from inviting guests over any longer.

Croteau Cleaning Service uses cleaning products formulated to keep you and you

For your professional upholstery cleaning needs in Windsor Ontario call Croteau Cleaning Service today

Windsor Upholstery Cleaning

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