Tile and Grout Cleaning in Windsor

Tile and grout cleaning Windsor

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning in Windsor

People often switch over to ceramic or porcelain tiles (sometimes other natural tiles like limestone, slate, travertine, granite, marble, quartz etc.)  because they enjoy the fact that it doesn't get as dirty as carpets do.

Or so it would seem.

As time goes on, the homeowner loses sight, quite literally, of what their once beautiful and illustrious tiles looked like. What were once vibrant and the show piece of the kitchen, are now dull and blackened; caked with a thick layer of grease between each grout line.

Sometimes, the tile and grout is so dirty that it even attracts unwanted guests. Not your fourth cousin twice removed, rather, pests like ants, centipedes, cockroaches and even rats!

The grease in the grout lines or surface of the tile is one of the biggest factors in a reoccurring pest problem - especially in commercial kitchens.

How did it get there? More often than not, the accumulation of grease and grime is the result of using improper cleaning products that leave sticky residue behind, which act as a magnet to dirt and oil. Ironically enough, each time the floor is mopped with these types of cleaners, the dirtier the floor becomes.

The problem most homeowners face when cleaning tile and grout is simple: time.

The average homeowner who attempts to clean their tile and grout I Windsor, spends almost 8 hours on a small residential kitchen.

Long hours spent on their hands and knees, most of the time are gone down the drain - as the homeowner again will leave residue behind that attracts the same soil again, rapidly.

The truth is, there is a professional way to clean tile and grout. Combining the proper knowledge of what cleaning products to use, and a process referred to as "hard-surface extraction" which uses pressurized water to rinse and penetrate deeply soiled floors.

What can take a homeowner long hours for a sub par job, can take a trained professional an hour or less if he applies the right chemistry, agitation, dwell time and extraction pressure.

Don't be fooled however, not every professional is alike. The common thought within the professional cleaning industry is that tile and grout cleaning should be done at a pressure of 1000 psi or more.

Now it's true that higher pressure can result more grime blasted away, it can also cause severe damage to the tile - including missing grout, and loosened tile. 

Sometimes, this is inevitable because the floor was already damaged in the first place. But if the professional does not proceed within caution, existing problems can be exacerbated. 

Additionally, the professional must be able to identify any pre-existing conditions such as waxed tiles (an improper, yet common practice), damaged tiles or grout, and also whether or not the tile being cleaned is natural or man made. 

Certain tile cleaning chemicals can cause irreparable damage to natural tiles like slate, limestone, and travertine. This is called etching. It occurs when an acid product reacts to the calcium within the stone and produces a calcium based salt that is subsurface on the tile. Natural stone is almost always at risk of scratching, so improper agitation techniques can result in serious scratching to the stone. 

Other tiles like Saltillo can actually loose their colour altogether if cleaned improperly. 

Don't be fooled by low cost companies who over promise and under deliver. 

We will do a free pre-test on your floor to determine if there are any potential concerns. 

After we've cleaned your floors, we suggest you have us seal them with a professional tile and grout sealant, that will help keep your grout lines or natural stone cleaner longer. 

We can even help you remedy problems like grout haze, which can often  ruin the look of an otherwise captivating tile installation. 

If you have any questions about how to clean tile and grout properly once they are restored back to like new condition, or want to know what products are safe to use on your tiled surface, feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.

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