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Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Dirty Tile?



As homeowners we know EXACTLY how it feels to have beautiful tiled floors, floors that captivate your guests, make your home look amazing, and leave you feeling great just looking at them. 

As homeowners we also know how EMBARRASSING and painful watching our beautiful floors get dull, dirty, and just plain ugly! It's super frustrating to see how gross they can become, and to hear negative comments by guests: "Umm.. what's going on with your floor? Did you install a deep fryer?" But all kidding aside, not only are dirty floors downright ugly, they also contribute to an unsanitary and pest-prone home. Pesky critters like roaches, ants, and other unwanted creatures often flock to dirty grout lines. The porous nature of the grout holds the grease like a restaurant grease trap. But we don't recall you ever sending out dinner invitations to the neighbourhood Ant family.

The truth is, dirty tiles get dirty because of improper cleaning techniques. High pH cleaning products leave behind sticky residues that act as a magnet to dirt and oil. So every time you put the mop to the floor, you contribute to increasingly dirty floors. It can be anxiety inducing! It can be like eating and eating on a hungry stomach never to get full. How terrible! 

Not to mention, these same cleaning products will actually EAT AWAY your grout lines, contributing to deteriorating floors, loose tiles, and ultimately leading for costly repair costs that will ultimately hurt your wallet in the long run. A 200 square foot tile job can cost an average of a  whopping $3000. Wow! Is it really worth the risk? We say no! 


We recommend choosing a tile and grout cleaning service in Windsor who actually utilizes their training. How can you know whether or not that company utilizes their training? Simple, its all in the thorough 5 point pre-inspection. Not every floor is made of the same material and certain cleaning processes can ruin your tile floor. Yes, RUIN. It's essential the Windsor tile and grout cleaning company check for material composition, pre-existing conditions like wax build up, existing grout sealant, and damage present within the tiled floor itself. If your choice of cleaning company does not do this, they are not the right cleaner to choose! Why should you waste your hard-earned money on a business that will not give you the courtesy of determining the current state of your floor? You are smarter than that!

Continue reading to see our thorough pre-cleaning inspection.

Commercial tile and grout cleaning in Windsor. Tile grout cleaning Windsor. Tile and grout cleaning

Commercial tile and grout cleaning in Windsor. Tile grout cleaning Windsor. Tile and grout cleaning

Windsor tile and grout cleaning inspection


 Croteau Cleaning Service employs the safest and most effective cleaning processes for hard surface cleaning in Windsor. Whether it be epoxy floor, vinyl floor, terrazzo, marble, ceramic, porcelain, you name it, we can clean it effectively and most importantly, safely.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Windsor:
Not all tiles are alike, and in fact, without the proper knowledge on tile material composition (natural or man-made stone), a job can go very wrong. All tile and grout cleaning in Windsor starts with a free preliminary inspection. We identify a few things in this pre-inspection, so we can determine the best method of cleaning:

  1. Integrity Test: We test your floors integrity, making note of any loose tile, or missing grout prior to cleaning. Without doing this basic test, a cleaner can risk severely damaging your tiled floor or shower. Pressure should always be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Scrape Test: Many homeowners will wax their tile floors. This makes the cleaning process more complex. If wax is determined to be present on the floor, it must first be stripped off of the tile and grout prior to the final cleaning.
  3. Scratch Test: We scratch the surface of the tile to determine its composition. Using excessive agitation in certain floor types, can and will damage the tiled surface. 
  4. Acid Test: This also helps us identify the material composition. Certain tile types will react with an acid based cleaner which could cause the tile to "etch."
  5. Sealant Test: Many times, grout sealant has been applied to the grout lines at some point in time. If sealant is present, it must first be removed in order for the grout to come clean.

After the testing, the floor is the demo-cleaned to determine the amount of soiling within the grout lines. Most of the time, the floor will not be under abnormal conditions, but in the times that it is: these tests allow us to ensure that we can properly handle the job, without any surprises. We are able to clean any tiled surface, including stairs, showers, and more.

Continue reading to read our full cleaning process:


After we've determined everything we need to know about your tiled floor, we complete the following steps to ensure the safest and most successful cleaning.

  1. Sweep or vacuum the surface: We do this because debris can damage your floor during the cleaning process.
  2. Pre-treat floor with appropriate cleaning solution: After we've determined the material type or pre-existing condition we move forward with pre-treatment, using the best choice for the job, and all products are eco-friendly.
  3. Manual grout line agitation: We use a commercial grout brush to scrub every grout line, removing the embedded grime.
  4. Floor scrubber: At this time, we'll use a floor scrubber to scrub the surface of the tile using the appropriate brush, and also helps further remove dirt and grime from the grout lines.
  5. Extraction + Rinse: We use a pressurized extraction system at the appropriate P.S.I., if we've determined that your floor has pre-existing damage, we'll adjust the pressure accordingly to ensure we clean the floor safely. 
  6. Towel dry excess water: We use a clean towel to dry up any excess water on the floor, this makes things much faster than waiting for it to air dry.
  7. Wipe off baseboards and other areas that may have gotten wet
  8. Fan to help speed dry the grout lines: We use a fan to help speed up the grout dry time.

GROUT SEALING (OPTIONAL): We highly recommend you seal the grout lines to protect your investment! Grout sealant extra. Colour sealing also avaiable. 

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Tile and grout cleaning in Windsor. Tile grout cleaning Windsor. Windsor tile and grout cleaning