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Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

When to call us for a property restoration clean-up

Property clean up in Windsor. Carpet cleaning in Windsor. Tile and grout cleaning in Windsor.



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Let's face it - certain situations call for professional intervention. Our property clean ups are not designed for those who are looking for a maid service, where a quick wipe down and sweeping is all that is needed to get your property in tip-top shape. If that's what you're looking for, this is not the service for you. We have an affiliate who can help you out, if your needs are not as intense as the necessity for professional intervention, and we'd be glad to connect you with them. 

However, if your property has been subjected to serious neglect, where the biggest concern isn't damage, but rather an extreme amount of soiling or an extreme case of mal odours, this is where Croteau Cleaning Service comes in.


Without a doubt, the best time to use our professional property restoration cleaning in Windsor, is when you are realtor, property manager, or someone trying to sell their home. Why is that?

Well, first and foremost, if a home is in need of our services; you can be certain of one thing: the value of your property, at this present moment, is dramatically low, and in it's present state, will not be able to receive the desired amount for resale value, or rental value. Any realtor and any property manager knows this firsthand. Stinky, extremely dirty properties, are very hard to rent, and even harder to sell. 

The fact is, no one wants to buy a home that looks like it's needs to be condemned. No one wants to step foot into a property that you can smell the moment you open the door. It's a major turn off, and a sure fire way to turn away potential buyers/ renters. And if you do attract buyers/ renters while your property is in this current condition, you're almost guaranteed to get low-ballers, or those who will take advantage of your situation and your desperation to occupy the property. 


Two main reasons as to why you should restore clean versus renovate are obvious:

1. Restore cleaning is dramatically more affordable than renovating. Renovating even one room in your home often costs thousands of dollars. For example, installing carpeting in a 10x14 bedroom can cost up to $1,680.00 for installation and materials alone. Now multiply that by three rooms, stairs, a hallway, a basement, and living room, and you've easily spent $10,000 on carpeting. Make no mistake, hard surface floors such as ceramic tile, or hardwood floors, cost EVEN MORE. A full restoration cleaning package, that takes care of the entire home, not just the carpet or floors, costs just a fraction of this. 

2. Renovations can take weeks or even months. Have you ever endured the process of a kitchen makeover? It can take weeks, or even months to complete, and more often than not, the home requires professional cleaning after the renovation has taken place. Compare this to a property restoration clean which can be completed in a day or two, or in extreme situations, the whole property, rather than just a room, may take up to a week. The time it takes to have your property restoration cleaned versus renovated is again, dramatic.


We offer a wide range of services to get your property looking better, we will also arrange junk removal from your property so you don't have to lift a finger, we work with a company that specializes in junk removal for virtually ANY situation. Our services do not take care of damage, such as dry wall holes, broken tiles, missing floorboards, etc. However, our service can remove build up of many different contaminants and soils that may be present within your property. Below is a list of services we offer, room by room:


-Kitchen tile and grout cleaning (colour sealing available to completely change the look of your tile floor)

-Kitchen cabinet cleaning including: stain removal from hard to remove stains such as curry, grease, etc.

-Kitchen hood vent cleaning 

-Kitchen protein odour removal (burnt meat, curry, etc.)

-Foam wall washing (using professional restoration wall washing cleaning solutions we can remove years of grease build up - foam washing is low moisture which helps prevent colour loss to water based latex paints)


-Hardwood floor deep cleaning + topical floor finish (remove years of dirt and grime build up and add a layer of acrylic finish to add some lustre to the floor)

-Restorative carpet cleaning (remove years of staining, oil build up, etc)

-Foam wall washing 

-Nicotine & urine decontamination (we can remove odours and toxins left behind from pet urine, human urine, nicotine, and more) 

-Thermal fogging (a specialty service that literally penetrates every cubic inch of a room to remove odours caused by a plethora of contaminants)

-Mold remediation (we bring in a third party who specializes in mold remediation and will be able to offer you a discount included in your package)

-Concrete, epoxy cleaning (we can remove grease and grime from these notoriously hard to clean surfaces)


-Restorative tile cleaning (removal not only years of grime build up, but also urine that often surrounds toilets and sinks into grout lines)

-Shower tile mold removal / shower recaulking (any time a shower has mold, it needs to be recaulked, we include this in our shower restoration package)

-Shower glass restoration (removes years of hard-water, and soap scum build up)

-Toilet restoration cleaning (we can remove unsightly staining within a toilet that makes it look like the toilet needs to be replaced. 

To schedule a free consultation, where we will come to your home, take an inventory of services you require, inspect the severity of each service you require, and walk you through the processes we use and explain to you the results you can expect, click below.