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100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

100% Money Back Guarantee ✅100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Carpet Cleaning Prices

More Value for your hard earned dollar👍

From the Carpet & Rug Institute:

" “How is your pricing structured?” Pricing should be based on the area cleaned, not by the number of rooms. Make sure to measure your area before you get on the phone. Room sizes vary, so be careful of any company that quotes price by the room. "

Are you really saving money paying per room? Most bedrooms are 219 square feet; empty. When you've got dressers and beds in the room, you reduce the cleanable space to around 60-90 square feet, sometimes less, that makes the square footage cost between $0.45 to $0.66 per square foot, with these "cheaper", per room, alternatives. Plus, you don't even get an as thorough cleaning. We don't want you overpaying.

Cleaning Service prices per square footage, this way, you don't overpay for our services should you wish to have only traffic lanes cleaned. Our pricing is $0.45 per square foot. This pricing does not include severe urine contamination or extremely soiled carpets like the photo to the right >

We have a $120 minimum, this covers: our gas/ vehicle expenses, equipment maintenance, cleaning products, and our time + labour.

What's included in our $0.45 per square foot pricing?

✅ Free inspection ($50 value): carpet fiber identification to ensure no damage occurs during cleaning, damage I.D., UV light inspection, stain identification

✅ Commercial Grade Vacuuming + Carpet Raking- Double HEPA filtered vacuum + carpet raking to ensure maxim dry soil recovery (70% of the total soil load) , this step helps improve the indoor air quality of your home 

✅ Pre-treatment with EPA certified Eco-Friendly product "Green Balance" and also fortified with a 100% natural, extremely powerful disinfectant (kills almost every virus etc., even HIV)

✅ Certified Mechanical scrubber that restores carpet pile and digs deep to remove embedded hairs, dust and more.

✅ Steam Cleaned using the optimal temperature for your carpet based on material (between 150-240 degrees)

✅ EPA certified rinse to help further emulsify soils 

✅ Carpets groomed; helps the remaining moisture evaporate  

✅ Air movement; speed dry the carpets

✅ Complementary Ecofriendly carpet protector: Keeps carpets cleaner longer, protects from dry soil damage, helps prevent permanent staining 

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