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Everyone knows about generic carpet cleaning machines, such as a B-ssel extractor or the infamous grocery store rug doctors... Almost everyone who has purchased or rented one of these machines, ends up calling a professional later on. They've quickly learned that the DIY approach to carpet cleaning almost always results in a serious problem with their carpet

 Sometimes, the carpet changes colour. Sometimes, the carpet is left soaking wet for days, and ends up smelling like mildew. Most of the time, the carpet ends up much dirtier than it was in the first place, just a week to a month later. 

So what's the big deal? As it turns out, carpet cleaning is actually much more complex than how these generic branded DIY machine manufacturers care to share with their prospective customers. Customers don't know that when opting to use these machines - they often void the warranty of the carpet, and any desire to replace the carpet will strictly be out of their pocket, costing them thousands of dollars. 

At the heart of carpet cleaning, lies the science of chemistry. A good carpet cleaner has been trained to understand how certain chemicals react to certain fibers, soils, and everything in between. From non-ionic surfactants, solvents, ionic surfactants, high pH products, low pH products, optical brighteners, olefin, polyester, nylon, wool, rayon, cotton, and more - the trained carpet cleaner must know what these terms mean and how they apply one to the other. 

Carpet cleaning is a science. But with science comes two types of scientists: 1. the mad scientist who blows up the lab or creates frankenstein -or- 2. the scientist who studies diligently, learning what is safest when dealing with their preferred science, and looks for the most effective and best ways to achieve their goals.

Most carpet cleaners in Windsor are like the mad scientist; they use harsh and dangerous chemicals that on the surface appear to get the job done, but at the end of the day result in something closer to mr. frankenstein. They endanger the health and safety of their clients for gain. 

That's not us. We strive to be like scientist number two. We want to achieve the best results, while achieving them as safe as possible. 

Did you know that 70% of the soil within your carpet is dry soil? We don't rely on our chemistry to remove that 70%, but only the 30% that requires chemical intervention. When we do use chemistry, we make sure to use safe cleaning products that will not damage your carpet, and more importantly: endanger your health.

Croteau Cleaning Service guarantees that it is the most thorough carpet cleaning service in Windsor. 

Not only do we follow step-by-step guidelines as laid out by the IICRC, we also use the best & most effective cleaning agents which are approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

So you ask, what steps do you take that others don't? We will lay them out for you here:

1. Every carpet cleaning starts with a pre-rake: Pre-raking separates the carpet fibers while loosening dry soil from the fibers themselves, and also lifting up any dry soil at the bottom of the backing. This first step makes vacuuming much more effective, and often as the pre-raking takes place, dry soil will "fly into the air" , as it is stripped off the carpet fibers. The results are noticeably different when skipping this important preparatory step in professional carpet cleaning.

2. The most important step in cleaning carpets happens before any chemical is applied to the fiber : vacuuming. We always vacuum before we clean your carpets, using hepa filtration vacuums that remove almost 100% of accessible dust particulates. Our "fast up, slow down"  overlapping technique, allows us to remove as much dry soil as possible, especially after completing step one. 

3. Pre-treatment: step three is where we apply the safe cleaning chemicals to your carpet to loosen the soil bonded to the fiber. Our cleaning chemicals are tested and proved to remove more soil, keep the colour safe on the carpet, and will not damage the appearance of the carpet.

4. Next up we agitate the fibers using a specialty scrubbing machine that literally rips deeply embedded hair out of the carpet backing and other debris such as dust-mites and more, that even a vacuum cannot achieve.

5. One of the final step,s is the emulsification process, coupled with the extraction itself. Using a specialized rinse, not only do we neutralize the detergents used in the cleaning agent, preventing rapid re-soiling from occurring, we also stabilize the carpet fibers, preventing cellulosic browning, yellowing, and other distortions that can result otherwise. In addition to this, the emulsifying agent removes excess soil that the detergent couldn't remove on its own, and leaves behind an encapsulating substance that will capture dirt particles, crystallize them, and actually make your carpet get even cleaner as the weeks go by. 

6. Post-rake time. This is our final step. Although our customized process almost always leaves the carpets "dry to the touch" when we are done, we post rake to set the fibers back to their original position from manufacturing, and also to help speed dry the carpets themselves. Opening the fibers up one last time, allows the carpets t breathe while also letting excess water to evaporate into the air. 

7. Our personal finishing touch.. Croteau Cleaning Service adds a specialty , natural disinfectant to the carpet, that can kill a plethora of viruses and  also matter like mold. This also deodorizes even further, while leaving behind a natural and clean scent. This comes at no extra cost to you. 

Afterwards, you can opt for carpet protection, which acts as a barrier between the carpet fibers and dry soils, dry soils are the number one cause of carpet pile distortion and damage. This however, costs extra. 

Croteau Cleaning Service is also certified in cleaning hard surfaces from all tile types, to even your concrete basement floor. 

   We pride ourselves in doing one thing, that we feel sets us apart: trying to do the most thorough and complete job possible.

    Our goal is to be the best carpet cleaner in Windsor, the best upholstery cleaner in Windsor, the best tile & grout cleaner in Windsor and the best area rug cleaner in Windsor. Period.

 It's that simple. And we know, being the best, comes with hard work and dedication.


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