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Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅Professional Steam Cleaning: 100% Money Back Guarantee ✅

Windsor Carpet Cleaning Process

windsor, Ontario's most thorough carpet cleaning guaranteed

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Read below to see our professional carpet cleaning in Windsor process: 

Our process is guaranteed to be more thorough than our competitors. The objective of carpet cleaning is actually different than what most would assume. Most would assume when choosing a carpet cleaner in Windsor, Ontario, that the company who can make the carpet look best and do it cheapest is the company they should go with. 

Though looks are important, the emphasis of professional carpet cleaning should always be, improving the indoor air quality of the home. 

With that fact, a consumer must consider the process a company uses, and as well the chemicals they use. Chemicals designed exclusively for enhancing carpet appearance are usually volatile in nature and can in fact harm those who breath them in. Croteau Cleaning Service is the carpet cleaning company in Windsor who chooses to use safer, more effective products. This means that the chemicals we use will not harm you, while still getting the job done great.

 Below is the process we employ to ensure the most soil is removed from the surface of the carpet, the backing of the carpet, and even the padding of the carpet.


  1. Pre-Raking Carpet: This first step helps to loosen embedded soils, hairs, debris, and other matter, below the surface of the carpet, allowing for a more thorough and effective vacuum.
  2. Vacuuming: We spend a decent amount of the time we clean carpets, vacuuming, Vacuuming removes up to 70-90% of the actual soil, dander, debris, allergens etc. We use a CRI approved, HEPA-filtration vacuum, which removes considerably more soil than a standard household vacuum.
  3. Pre-Treatment: We use safe and effective cleaning products that are also eco-friendly. We pre-treat the entire carpet using a pressurized injection sprayer that evenly covers the surface area.
  4. Mechanical Agitation: We use a state-of-the-art carpet scrubbing machine, also approved by the CRI, that deeply scrubs the cleaning solution into the fibers and surrounds the entire fiber. This machine also helps to restore the carpet pile by lifting it up, and at the same time removes hidden debris that vacuuming or steam cleaning cannot reach.
  5. Steam-Cleaning: Also known as hot water extraction, this is the process that rinses off the loosened soil from the carpet fibers. In this process we use a detergent that helps further emulsify soils as it rinses, and helps the carpet fiber retain a proper pH. A deodorizer is also added in the solution to help remove any existing odours.
  6. Grooming: Grooming helps 'aerate' the carpets, which allows them to breath and release moisture into the air, helping the carpets dry faster. It also gets rid of the lines made from steam cleaning.
  7. Air-movement: An air mover is used to help speed dry the carpets as we clean our equipment.

As you can read here, we are not a carpet cleaning company in Windsor, Ontario that sprays and sucks the solution up - in and out within twenty minutes. We take the time to do things correctly, and professionally - ensuring you get the most value for your money. We may be a little more costly than our competitors, but the difference in quality in outstanding. Windsor, Ontario carpet cleaning should be done right, at a price you can afford.

EXTREME SOILING & URINE CONTAMINATION: After we have inspected the carpets prior to cleaning, we will inform you whether or not your carpet falls under these categories. Below are some pictures that will help you know whether or not your carpet will require more extensive treatment than usual. 

Questions for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Windsor


Carpet cleaning can be a task that many homeowners seek to do themselves as a sort of DIY task. Though it can be done, the time it takes to effectively clean your carpets in Windsor while attempting to do it yourself, can often take a lot longer than you’d imagine. Sometimes, homeowners rent out the generic carpet machines from big box stores which over promise but under deliver. 

The reality is, not only do these carpet cleaning machines do a subpar job - they also create an enormous risk, for you, the consumer, because, a. they often overwet the carpet, leaving them soaking wet for days, which can be a harbinger for mold and other bacterial overgrowth, and, b. Improper use of said machines, and an inadequate knowledge in the task of carpet cleaning will almost certainly void your carpets warranty. 

So, that begs the question, what type of carpet cleaner should you use? The answer: you should use a carpet cleaner in Windsor who has studied and implements the cleaning guidelines laid out by the IICRC and CRI. They should be using either a high performance portable or truck mounted system for their hot water extraction, a.k.a. Steam cleaning. 

However, the portable or Truckmount are simply tools, in the carpet cleaners in Windsor’s, arsenal, and in order to stay in line with the IICRC guidelines they should be using an approved vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration, and an approved carpet scrubber such as a CRB, and most importantly; approved cleaning solutions that are safe for you and your family. Hot-water extraction is the preferred method, yet the implementation of all necessary tools is what ensures the job gets done efficiently and safely. 


A very good question for homeowners to ask. Carpet cleaning if done correctly, with the usage of CRI approved cleaning agents, and biodegradable eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions, will not harm you or your loved ones.

With that being said, the opposite is also true. Hiring a carpet cleaner in Windsor who does not use certified cleaning solutions and does not take the time to vacuum can harm your health. 

Why does not vacuuming before the carpet cleaning pose a risk to your health? A Windsor carpet cleaner who does not vacuum before they clean your carpet with hot water extraction risks your health because by not vacuuming, they must rely more on harsh and high pH cleaning chemicals to get the job done. Not only that, but when a Windsor carpet cleaner does not vacuum, they typically rush through the job, using the strongest and harshest cleaning product available, to get the job done. This of course poses a risk to your family’s health, while at the same time skimping on what a professional carpet cleaner is supposed to do.