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Carpet cleaning in Windsor can be tough sometimes, but there is no challenge we won't accept. Before you throw it out, let us try and restore it!

About Croteau Cleaning Service

Premium Tile and Grout Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning & More!

Carpet cleaning in Windsor, Ontario

Are you tired of hiring a carpet cleaner who is in & out within 20 minutes, who leaves the place a mess, who doesn't even give you the courtesy of a Pre-vacuum (which by the way is a required step in industry standard carpet cleaning), but charges you to vacuum when they do?

   How about a carpet cleaner who says they will be at your house for 8 a.m. yet arrives at quarter to ten?    Well if any of these points resonate with you, look no further. 

Croteau Cleaning Service is far from perfect, we are human. However, we strive to ensure you receive the best customer experience, from the moment you call us.    We all make mistakes, and we'd be lying if we said we don't.

 If we make a mistake, we will go above and beyond to fix it. Our goal is to create clients - not customers.    We strive to build lasting client relationships that will transcend just one little cleaning. 

   We understand that you value service, and not just carpet cleaning in Windsor.    You deserve the best experience, and that's what we strive to aim for. 

Will we fall short from time-to-time? Of course: but it's not the shortcoming that makes the business, but, rather, how they handle it. 

  If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service in Windsor that aims to leave your carpets clean, and their clients happy: Croteau Cleaning Service has got you covered. 

  Croteau Cleaning Service specializes in:   •Tile cleaning

 •Carpet cleaning 

•Area Rug & Upholstery Cleaning  

  Our philosophy is simple, achieve the best results we can, by not cutting corners.  

  Serving Windsor & Essex County, esidential & Commercial   

Romans 10: 9-10

Your Satisfaction: My Specialty

Area rug cleaning in Windsor, Ontario

Your satisfaction is important to me. My objective is simple, to please and satisfy the tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning needs, and upholstery cleaning needs of my customers; one customer at a time.

You can rest assured that your business is in good hands, Croteau Cleaning Service is insured up to two million dollars.

You may end up shocked at just how thorough Croteau Cleaning Service is. We've built our service on a foundation of quality over quantity.

We take the steps necessary in every service we offer to give your valuables the most thorough cleaning we can.

We've even added some extra steps in things like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning that no one else in Windsor does but us.

If you value quality, than look no further. From the safe chemicals we use, to the time we take to get the job done right, you'll notice a difference in us, versus those who've cleaned for you in the past.

Many customers have remarked on just how thorough our service is, even complimenting us saying that their items looked better after we cleaned them, than they did brand new.

Try Croteau Cleaning Service out for yourself, to see what sets us apart from everyone else in the carpet cleaning industry in Windsor.

If something goes wrong, we'll always go above and beyond to correct any error made. 

We value you, and we hope that you will value a service laden in value, itself. 

For more information, call 226.499.50

God bless you!

Croteau Cleaning Service 

What does the "Seal of Approval" mean?

The Carpet & Rug Institute is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to ensuring that carpet cleaners, carpet manufacturers, and carpet cleaning chemical / equipment manufacturers, work together to create a better experience for business owners and  homeowners that have carpets, by developing products that are safer, more effective, and will not void the warranty of your carpet. CRI approved carpet cleaning service providers are dedicated to providing you the very best service, using the very best products, and the very best processes to cleaning your carpets. 

Learn More About The Seal of Approval Program

Visit the Carpet & Rug Institutes website to find out more about the seal of approval program, below, and also to find a CRI SOA program service  provider near you.

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We understand that every situation has unique cleaning needs. Feel free to message or call us with any specifics. We pride ourselves in offering the most thorough carpet cleaning, tile and grout and upholstery cleaning in Windsor!

Your time is valuable, and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can.


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